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Your big day is coming closer and you want to share your wishes with your wedding guests? Create your wedding wishlist now, collect your wishes and share it easily with your guests! Get started now!Read more...
A year has gone and your birthday is getting closer again? Collect your birthday wishes now, create your own birthday wishlist and share it easily with your friends. With your online wishlist, you can make sure that your guests know what you like to have! Build your free wishlist now.Read More...
Your Confirmation, Communion, Anniversary, Graduation… is getting closer and you would like to give your guests a hint what they could get you? Create your online wish list now and share it with your friends and family! It’s free and easy as it could be!Read More ...

Welcome to Wish-elf, your free online wish list

Who does not know the situation that a birthday or christmas is getting closer and your friends and family ask the well known question “What can I get you? Have you an special wishes for christmas/ your birthday?” And then you start thinking about something useful that you would like to have. Often, people cannot think of something they desire when people ask for their wishes but often remember them just a few days after christmas or the birthday party. Wish-elf helps you to remember your wishes throughout the year and share them with your guests when your birthday or other festivities arrive.

Using wish-elf you can manage your wishes wherever and whenever you want. The online-wishlist can easily be shared with your family and gives them some ideas for really great gifts that you will definitely appreciate!

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